When The Best Time Your Kids Learn Reading?

Most parents will be happy to see their kids smarter than before. As their age increases, kids’ cognitive function is growing as well. And eventually, they’ll be ready to learn many things for school preparation, such as reading. However, when the best time your kids learn reading? Does early learning make kids better prepared for school? You’ll find out the answer here.

Does Earlier Means Better For Learning?

Many researchers have proven the outstanding ability of kids to learn things. It starts right after birth when a baby could analyze and memorize anything in its circumstance. However, it doesn’t mean that you could teach reading to your kids earlier than it should.

According to the research of Dr. Sebastian Suggate from Germany, there’s a time for kids to learn reading. Before kids start learning to read, they must be fluent in talking. Regarding this, we can conclude that speaking ability shows the children’s capability to earn new vocabulary.

When The Best Time Your Kids To Learn Reading?

Based on the previous point, the best learning age for kids is about 6 until 7 years old. However, you can start to teach your kids to read when they reach 5 years old. Because at this age, most kids already have speaking fluency and perfect phonemic awareness.

If your kids already speak fluently but still have difficulty reading, be patient. Just teach them to read slowly but consistently. You can enroll them in a kindergarten or similar school to habituate them on the learning atmosphere.

Signs Your Kids Are Ready To Learn Reading

Besides speaking fluently, there are some other signs when the best time your kids learn reading, here is the list.

1. Can Make A Simple Statement

The first sign your kids are ready to read is when they could make a simple statement. We can see this from the way they behave or react to a situation. For example, your kids are seeing a cartoon and could tell you about the cartoon’s story. If your kids show this to you, it means they’re ready to accept your reading lesson.

2. Understand A Command

This sign is related to the phonemic awareness of kids. When their understanding of sounds and voices is broad already, it means you can start to teach them to read. Do not give them a hard reading for first, instead give them a book with easy vocabularies.

3. Have Basic Counting Ability

Besides making an opinion and understanding a command, your kids could start to learn reading when they have basic counting capability. If they could do some simple math operations, it means their logic has been improving. This is perfectly the best time for you to teach them some readings.

4. Able To Memorize Alphabets

The ability to memorize alphabets is absolutely the best sign for your kids to learn reading. If they know the alphabet and could memorize its shape, it’ll be easier for them to read. That’s why before you start to teach reading to the kids, make sure they already know and memorize the alphabet.

5. Interested In Books

Last but still important, if your kids like to bring some books, it could mean they will love reading as well. To sharpen their reading ability, you can sit with the kids and read the story together with them. In fact, kids who like to read have better logic, so they possibly could read faster than other kids could.

That’s all the information about when the best time for your kids to learn reading! As parents, you have to be more patient if your kids read slowly because they will eventually read better!