Unique and Creative Ideas for Class Design

Design is an activity and process to create something new, which usually has goals and constraints. Design is particularly different from art. The design has not only aesthetic in it, but also function, economic and also interaction in it. From kinder garden up to middle school, a student often meets the art class. As the entered high school, they would start meeting class design. Which for the college, the design is a major is specifically studied. Every instructor must have creative ideas for Class Design.

Class Designs are consisting of theories aspects as well such as ergonomic, branding, marketing, and history. Creative ideas for Class Design is necessary, to develop the student’s creativity besides theories. The more creative and wild the ideas are, the more impact and useful design students can design. These are some unique ideas that teachers could try in their Class

1. DIY

DIY or “Do It Yourself” is a basic activity that could be met since the first stage of school. However, since this is class design, DIY comes to a new level. Students are required to create something useful also impactful by using their own hands and objects near them. The challenge is to make it valuable for not only themself but also other people.

2. Recycle

Likely DIY, recycle lesson has been applied since the first class. In class design, recycling is not just using plastic trash and cans to become a pencil case. Here, students should be able to recycle, process and design. For instance, recycling old furniture that is ecofriendly and does not harm the environment. Or turning a former trunk into a fashionable playground. Sounds neat huh?

3. Redesign

Another creative idea for class design, is redesign. Creating or developing something that already exists. To make it more unique, try on giving students their friend’s product to redesign. Indirectly, it could stimulate a creative competition in class. Also, students would learn how not to duplicate or cheat in designs.

4. Meet Real Customer

Try to take the students outside class. Not as a field trip, but bringing the students to meet real customers. Here students would meet many kinds of customers they have to face by themselves. They would have to satisfy the customer with their design in the most creative way. One of the processes of making the impossible things to become real.

5. Designs meet Technology

The last creative ideas for class design are by introducing design with technology. Technology knowledge is so wide that students could choose and develop. Making a little competition in class with a charming price would heat the student’s creativity. As an example for the class, designing a transparent flashlight to daily use. Or make the students design something using a certain software. This can also test their ability in software and technology at once.

The unique and creative ideas for class design must be delivered also uniquely and creatively. So the students would be able to receive and deliver the lesson as well. Do not forget to always give them examples to boost their creativity.