This is Some Photography Rules of Composition to Take Awesome Photos

Nowadays, many people want to be a photographer who can take awesome photos. But, not all of those people learn more about the rules of composition on photography. As a result, the photos they take look like a usual one, nothing special on it. On the other hand, they may also know the photography rules of composition but they don’t care about it. 

However, using the photography rules of composition will make your photos catching people’s attention. Not only the attention but also increase the price of your photos because of the aesthetical point. Here are some guidelines you can use to take the pictures, let’s check it out below!

1. Fill the Frame

The first rule on photography is to make sure your frame is full of objects. You should choose only one object and focus on it because too many objects will make your photos looks busy. The connoisseurs will be confused to understand the meaning of your photos. When you try to capture a photo in a crowded area, you can try to build an intimate on your objects. Try to reduce everything near you by blurring it or take a photo more close.

2. Don’t Cut Off Limbs

The next rule is you should not cut the parts of your object. It can make your photo looks weird and lose the detail which can attract the viewer. For example, when you take a photo of the antelope and you cut off its horn. As a result, you have lost the best parts of your object and it reduced the beauty. The meaning of your photo will also be reduced, even though you will get the amazing one.

3. Understand the Rule of Thirds

A new photographer should understand these basic rules. It is about an imaginary frame divided by 4 main lines, two vertical and two horizontal. A photo you take will look more perfect when you place the main object on the line. However, these rules will be working well on landscapes photo. When you take vertical photos, try to place your objects on one of the two vertical lines to catch a good view.

4. Know Your Focus

When you take a photo, the viewer will searching for the main objects and main focus. They can easily feel bored when they can’t see it in your photo. However, this rule will hone your capability of taking a photo. A good photographer will always know which main point they want to shoot and show. Above all, you should make sure another object in your photo doesn’t steal and disturb the limelight.

5. Watch the Background

The background of your photo is an important thing but it can also be the one who disturbs it. It is one of the main photography rules of composition where you should keep watching on it. The object behind your main object can steal the interesting part. Moreover, you can set your camera to blur the background when you think it’s not that important.

In conclusion, those 5 photography rules of composition are important to produce a good photo. If you still don’t understand it, practice it directly can give you a better understanding.