Shocking News 2019: The Most Unexpected Celebrity Couples Break Up

Celebrities’ love story has become interesting news for everyone. Especially when they get split or the hardest word says “breakup“, after being together for a long time. Because their relationship is just like the dreaming of a couple of goal. Thus, there is no wonder if their gossip always takes public eyes. Here we will tell you the most unexpected celebrity couples break up in 2019.

Breaking up doesn’t see whether you just build the relationship, or it already became a mature one. Indeed, we must be feeling sorry about it. But, however, these celebrities are also a human being. They have consideration to end up their love. It is not as easy as you might see. Find several stories of unexpected celebrity couples break up in 2019 below:

1.      Jim and Meghan King Edmonds

A wedding anniversary is not always a sweet moment. For some people, it is a time when you will fall in love deeper. But it doesn’t apply for King Edmonds couple. Jim and Meghan files for divorce on 25 October 2019, just one day after their five-year anniversary. During their marriage, they have one daughter and a couple of twin of boys. They gave up for the marriage after being together for five years. Some media published that they argued more intensive lately. Last fighting Meghan called the police, but a source said there was no charge.

2. Jim Carrey and Ginger Gonzaga

Who doesn’t know the silly Bruce Almighty? Yes, he is Jim Carrey who just split from his couple, Ginger Gonzaga. They started their relationship in January. But this year seems so hard for them, so they broke up after struggling. Both of them were playing together on the Showtime show. However, Jim Carrey admitted that his past couple was a talented, amazing, and incredible person.

3. Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arrend

Living together for a long time doesn’t guarantee you to be everlasting. This what happened with Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arrend. They have fallen in love for twelve years, then announced their split through Instagram. Actually, they have been married for ten years after two years spent time together. This couple knew each other through Vincent Kartheiser and held a wedding in New York in 2009.

4. Sarah and Todd Palin

Sarah and Todd Palin have a longer marriage than Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arrend. But, still, this doesn’t make them together until death does them part. 31 years of marriage was a long years they stood for. On Sept 6, 2019, Todd filled his divorce with Sarah. During their marriage, they have five children, they are Bristol, Trig, Track, Willow, and Piper.

5. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes again shocked people through her relationship news. Well, in fact, it was not a gossip, but the truth. The news said that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx ended their relationship in May. The two have been together since 2013. Moreover, they ever announced their ultra-private relationship. However, they are now having no commitment at all.

The news of unexpected celebrity couples break up is always shocking. We have imagined that their love story would be like a fairy tale. Thus, people follow their love story update. Above all, love is about a commitment that two parties hold together.