4 Top Recent Entertainment News for Today

4 Top Recent Entertainment News for Today

What is the most recent entertainment news? Your day may feel not complete without hearing news from your favorite celebrities. Yes, you may have enough with politics and economy news and want to move to something lighter. So, who are the most talked about celebrities today? And for what are they being talked about? Here are the summaries.

Jennifer Aniston and a Chance for FRIENDS Reunion Project

Recently, Jennifer Aniston has surprised her fans on her Instagram account. The actress was invited as a guest in Ellen DeGeneres talk show along with a singer Charlie Puth. During the interview, Ellen asked whether there is a new project related to her 90’s popular series, FRIENDS. However, Aniston denied the rumor. She revealed that she and some other FRIENDS casts are still good friends until now. They are also about to think to create the same project. What is the project? Unfortunately, Aniston still wants to keep it a secret.

Meghan Markle reveals that being Prince Harry’s Wife is not easy

Being an American that joins British Royal Family is not something easy for Meghan Markle. Not only is it about critics from public but also bad rumors directed to her even from the UK media. The difficulties and problems are all revealed by Meghan during her interview with Tom Bradby. The host asked her how Meghan’s life after being a duchess. Then she answers; “It’s difficult. I think not all people can understand.” Additionally, Meghan also revealed that a friend has told Meghan that the UK media may destroy her.

The Private Wedding Party of Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney

Last Saturday, the actress Jennifer Lawrence was officially married to her boyfriend, Cooke Maroney in Belcourt of Newport, Rhode Island. The couple celebrated a simple wedding with only 150 guests; they are only close friends and family. Jennifer and Cooke have been dated since 2018. Then, without waiting for a long time, they decided to engage on last February.

Current Relationship of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

The breakup of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is indeed surprising after they have been together for 2 years. Of course, aside from being one of the most romantic couples, they also have a baby, the cute Stormi. But although their relationship cannot be continued anymore, Kylie told that she will always keep the relationship with Travis. Sure, it is done for the happiness of her little daughter. Meanwhile, she also stated that she is good and even happier after the relationship ends.