Must-Know, Why You Should Stop Using Adobe Acrobat 2015

 Adobe Acrobat is the first software that supports PDF or Portable Document Format. PDF itself is a document format that was released in 1993 by Adobe Systems. PDF is used to display digital documents with several features. Even though Adobe Acrobat is capable of editing PDF files, there some reasons why you should stop using Adobe Acrobat 2015.

There are more than 10 million people that have been using Adobe Acrobat. However, the user on this software has kept declining. People started to stop using this software as their PDF reader. So why do people stop using them? Here is some reason why you should stop using Adobe Acrobat 2015 as others have.

1. Commercial Software

Many people may not know, but Adobe Acrobat is commercial software. Commercial software is a software that requires a purchasing license. Even though now users have purchased or downloaded a version, users are required an annual commitment. Not a very good idea for average users. For business needs? Still not that necessary and not urgency

2. Unsupported

Why you should stop using Adobe Acrobat 2015, is because this software would no longer be supported by Adobe. Starting in April 2020, Adobe Acrobat would not have any more technical supports or security updates. It has been announced that this is caused by the Adobe Support Lifecycle Policy. It is generally available only for five years and 2020 would be the expired date support for Adobe Reader 2015

3. Huge Data

Do you know how much hard disk capacity a device needs to install and run Adobe Acrobat 2015? It requires a minimum of 1,9 GB; just for PDF software. This memory is just only for the software, doesn’t include the PDF files as well. The more images and text people use in PDF document, cause bigger memory size. This would cause the device to process slowly and causes ineffective work.

4. Cyber Hijack 

Adobe will not support Adobe Readers, it is a perfect reason why you should stop using Adobe Acrobat 2015. However, that is not the only one. The software would no longer have security updates that could increase the chances of cyber hijack. It could crack into the system through unfixed bugs and viruses. They would get the chance to steal all the data and documents from the user’s computer. The worst case that could happen it is contaminated with malware system. It could damage not the only the device but also the document in it 

5. Not the only option 

People think that Adobe Acrobat is the only software to process PDF documents. Whereas there are several other software that has the same value as Adobe Acrobat. Most are free, simple and the best part is lighter for our devices. Some software that users could try is Libre Office, PDF Creator, and PDF Lite. It is designed simpler, lighter but still useful. 

These are some reasons why you should stop using Adobe Acrobat 2015. Do not forget to switch off the software before the security system turns off if you are a user. Overall, the software has been very useful in the past, but as time pass technology will keep on developing. Try to search for other options if you need software for reading PDF. But in this era, almost anything is available.