Musr-Know, How to Fix Corrupted File Windows 10

Windows has been developing its system from the first time it was released until today. They have developed new technology and system for people to use. However, one point from Window that is still occurring until today is corruption. When this occurs, the file system becomes slow and slowdowns the whole work. Even though it is disturbing, there are ways on how to fix corrupted file windows 10. 

Don’t panic when your file suddenly slows down and even comes not responding. If it all closes and suddenly you can’t open it, this is also normal. Don’t rush into restarting your computer or deleting the file because it is still possible to fix it. Learn these steps on how to fix corrupted file windows 10 on your computer.

1. SFC Tool

If suddenly your file becomes error and corrupted, try to open the SFC tool. This is a command-line tool, where it will help scan the whole computer. After scanning, it will help repair any corrupted files on the computer. The first thing you must do is open the command prompt and type SFC/scannow. After you have entered, the program will scan through the whole file. Through the scanning, if there is any corrupted file, it will replace the corrupted file with a copy. It is as simple as that but remember it will take some time. 

 2. System Restore

An easy way on how to fix corrupted file Windows 10 is by using system restore. This way, the Window will help restore data that you recently opened or worked on. First, open Start, type system restore and click to create a restore point where you will receive your file. Next, click system restore and enter to proceed. A dialogue box will occur, then you will just need to follow the instruction. After you follow them, your file will occur as before.

3. Kernel

An extensive tool that is specially for fixing file corruption is Kernel. This software can fix any kind of corruption file, either for Windows 8 until Windows 10. The software also comes with features that can help people review their files first before fixing it. In this software people can choose the type of scan they would like. There are quick scan, deep scan and file trace. Overall, the steps are also the same as other software. 

 4. DISM Tool

If the SFC tool can’t fix your corrupted file, then try using the DISM tool. The steps for this tool are almost the same as the SFC tool. To run it, open command prompts and enter DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth. Then automatically the process will start, and the repairing process will go on. The whole process will take around 10 minutes, so it is not too long. When it finishes, don’t forget to restart your computer to get your file. 

 5. Reset your Window

This maybe the last option if all the steps above aren’t the right solution. But before restarting your window, close all other apps and save it. When restarting your PC, choose to troubleshoot and then reset this PC. You will then have two options, keep my files or remove everything. Next, you will just need to follow the instruction on the screen to get your files back.

Hopefully, these steps on how to fix corrupted file Windows 10 can fix all your corrupted files. If it doesn’t succeed, then try to contact an expert in Windows. But, usually using these five steps people are able to get their files back.