4 YouTube Channels to Watch Hollywood News Live

4 YouTube Channels to Watch Hollywood News Live

Are you looking for Hollywood news live and video streaming? Well, it is not something difficult to find out anyway. In fact, many platforms, sites, and TV shows nowadays also have their own YouTube channels. So, finding the latest information about your favorite celebrities is not something difficult. Below, there is a list of the best gossip channels on YouTube to watch and subscribe. Check them out.

Clevver News

Juicy gossip and interesting ways to deliver it, all of them are in Clevver News. Clevver News makes sure you will get only the most updated and latest information about your favorite celebrities. If you subscribe to it, sure, it is possible to watch the live streaming video of certain events. Even the information given by the site is often proven to be true. Therefore, if you need more than gossip but also an interesting video, this channel is the best answer.


Everybody just knows how credible TMZ is. After it is being one of the most-wanted sites and a TV program for entertainment, TMZ also has its own YouTube channel. Yes, the information given may not be so much different from what you have read on the website or watched on the TV. But of course, it is getting more interesting since on the YouTube channel, some events and happenings can just be watched live. So, make sure to subscribe to this channel.

Hollywood Life

Hollywood Life has been really a well-known platform and website for entertainment. Moreover, the information given is always hot, up to date, and finally turning into the truth. It is really interesting to read articles on Hollywood Life website for the way it tells that is interesting and fun. Sure, you can also make comments there. If you want to enjoy the life of Hollywood celebrities, you must also watch its YouTube channel. On the channel, there is the live-streaming video available to enjoy. Make sure to be the first person to know about the life of your favorite celebrity in Hollywood Life.

The Official YouTube Channel of Entertainment Tonight

Yes, it is really fun to watch the show on TV. But more than that, Entertainment Tonight can also be watched via YouTube. Sure, it means you can just watch it anytime you want. But in case you are on a trip and want to watch the show live, this channel provides the live streaming feature as well. So, you can just subscribe to it by now.