4 Entertainment News Shows with Movie Reviews

4 Entertainment News Shows with Movie Reviews

What are the entertainment news shows? It refers to sites or portals that give information and reviews of movies and TV shows. Those sites are recommended to look for qualified movies seen from various aspects. The reviews are also given not only from those film critics but also the audience. Make sure to check those portals out before going to the theatre. The sites are as follows.

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is a site that is founded by a man with the same name. Yes, he is indeed an expert of movies and shows and has been involved in the movie world for many years. Ebert always gives reviews deeply and in detail for every film released. He even often recommends you some movies that are not good in terms of technical values but the story is accessible. In general, movies and TV shows are indeed for entertainment, aren’t they?

The Guardian

In general, The Guardian is a famous news site in the UK. It has a section or part inside that specially talks about movies. This site is known to be accurate and objective to give reviews. Mostly, the movies to review are them that have been released in the theatre. To know the level of goodness of a movie, it uses a rating system with stars from 1 to 5. The more stars to get, the quality of the movie is getting better.


Well, you must know about this site. IMDB is indeed a site that is closely related to movies and TV shows. You can get complete and detailed information about films and TV shows all around the world along with the synopsis, a list of casts, reviews, and more. The users or readers can also participate in using the number-system review starting from 1 to 10. When the number has been 6 or above, it can be concluded that the film has been good. Interestingly, some movies get almost perfect scores from this site like The Dark Knight and Inception.

Rotten Tomatoes

Lastly, you have Rotten Tomatoes that are also really popular. Well, films that gain good reviews from this site are really good. Uniquely, the Rotten Tomatoes score gained by a movie is often different from others. Even when Metacritic and IMDB have told that a movie is good, the rating from Rotten Tomatoes often shows the opposite. The review applies a system namely Tomatometer given by critics. Above 50%, it means that a film has been good.