Best Marketing Magazine That Every Manager Should Read

Ideas or insight could get from any sources. One of the trusted ways is from the magazine. Today seeking information has been changed. People tend to Googling than reading a book, newspaper, and even magazine. Thus, these printed media has been developed into digital. As the magazine has a different character than those both media, we are here want to tell you the best marketing magazine.

The obvious difference between those three media is magazine has more colourful pages. Indeed, now the newspaper tried to do the same thing. But, if you look for the information for strategies, market condition, or features, the magazine is the best option. As you work to the marketing things, we ensure that you need to gain insight as many as you can. Below is the best marketing magazine that should be your reference:

1. Harvard Business Review

People see this as a bible because it covers the board of issue. Actually, not only marketing and financial, but you can also find about technology, social, and another issue. By reading this magazine, you can get insight into marketing from various point of view, for example, leadership, women issue, politic, and many more. They want people to get a better understanding, so you can improve your professional career.

2. Forbes

You might find many interesting features from Forbes. Indeed, their articles tend to publish about the annual list. But, actually, Forbes is a kind of financial magazine. However, just like having HBR on your hand, you will get various understanding from Forbes. Because they capture many things from technology, leadership, entrepreneurship, and others.

3. Fast Company

Get a better future view from Fast Company magazine. Fast Company looks at the business world from innovation. Thus, you can find the creative thinking here. They seem like targeting the young people, not typically audience who looks for Forbes in every edition. If you are looking for the most update issue about trends, ideologies, and etc., then Fast Company should be on your list.

4. Ad Week

Just like the name, Ad Week is the best source for your insight into marketing and advertising. During the trend is changing, they emphasize their view into digital. More than that, if you are looking for information about agencies, creative study case, awards, and data, this might be the solution. If you subscribe to the iPad edition, you will get real-time news feed, also the gallery will be updated every week.

5. Advertising Age

We put this magazine on the fifth number doesn’t mean it is the least recommendation. We just want to save the best for the last because the Advertising Age has been more than 80 years of publishing marketing news. Anything you want to know about strategy and inspirations is available here. This is a must-read magazine for everyone who works in marketing world.

When you are looking for the best marketing magazine, don’t imagine you hold a printed paper. Now everything has changed and it gives some advantages for you. Today you can flexibly get the information from your phone or tablets. Subscribe one of them now, and enlarge your idea from insight around the world.