5 Easy Steps of How To Watch Content In HBO Go

HBO Go is one of the best mobile TV which can be used by HBO subscribers. So if you want to use HBO Go, you have to subscribe to the HBO first. This article will tell you how to subscribe and how to watch content in HBO Go.

1. Subscribe HBO

The first thing you must do is subscribing to HBO. It charges you monthly or yearly. The year price may be cheaper than the monthly.

If you are a fan of much serial in HBO, choosing a year subscription is the best choice. But if you want to try first before committing for a year, you can pay monthly.

2. Choose Your TV Provider

The second step is choosing a TV provider. Choose one that you think suitable for your needs. Then input account details to the field.

Don’t forget to enter the password then continue to the next step. Every TV provider may charge a different price to HBO subscription so, please be smart and choose the most match TV provider for your self.

3. Download HBO Go

HBO go, allows you to stream all tv and movies from HBO anywhere, anytime. So you don’t have to wait until come back home after work to watch your favorite movies.

Simply download it from Play Store for Android gadgets. Or Appstore if you use an iOS phone. This application is free, so you will not pay anything else besides the HBO subscription. Just open the play store or app store, then type HBO Go on the search bar.

Then, hit the install button. Wait until it installed in your gadget, and then open it. After having the app you have to do some set of registration steps.

4. Enter an HBO GO ID

The third thing you have to do is entering the HBO Go ID. You can download this app in your gadget, or TV.

After purchasing the HBO subscription you will get a unique name. This is your ID for your HBO Go profile. Enter this ID every time you want to access HBO on different devices.

You will be asked to enter an email and ZIP code too. After that choose Save. This is the last step of your registrations. The next thing you can do is watching lots of movies and series.

5. Access The HBO Go

When you open the apps, you will see a lot of movies and tv series. Choose one of your favorites then simply play it.

You also can turn on parental control if you want to share the gadget with kids. This app allows the user to set a password for parents setting.

All movies and TV series in HBO is exclusive and free from ads. You can enjoy the relaxing time by watching your favorite movies there.

Moreover, with HBO Go you will not be a loss if you have to travel for a long time and far from the TV at home after purchasing the HBO subscriptions. This app will make you feel going anywhere with your TV inside the pocket.

Those are 5 steps of how to watch content in HBO Go. It is so easy and will make your life much happier. Love your self, entertain with much high-quality movies and series.