5 Clear Difference Of Marketing and Public Relation

Both marketing and public relation affect the growth of a business nowadays. There are a lot of companies try new strategies just to project a positive image and self-image confident. Plus, marketing is one way to make a product known.

Some people might think that marketing is the same as public relations. However, there are some differences between public relations and marketing. Here are the differences between public relations and marketing.

1. Tactics Or Activities

Marketing has different tactics with public relations. Apart from almost the same vision and mission, they do still have the difference. Also, marketing usually covers promotion and some direct marketing. Plus, it seeks to return direct sales.

On the other hand, public relations relates to something that focuses on reputation management. Besides, through generating stakeholder communication and positive media, it will give a good impact on reputation management. In short, marketing is more to the act of promotion, but public relations is to make a relation.

2. Goals

The goal of marketing itself is quite different from public relations. Marketing wants to reach consumers and make them believe in the product. It’s more focusing on acting on how to make others think and believe. Additionally, it concerns the most on selling a product or service.

However, public relations is about giving a positive idea about a certain brand or company. Selling the brand through positive management by managing great communication between the company and stakeholders. In conclusion, marketing is trying to achieve direct revenue while public relations is to make a positive reputation.

3. Targeted Audience

The targeted audience between marketing and public relation is different. Marketers are trying to find many more people to buy their products. They seek potential or current customers who want to buy their products or service. On the other hand, public relations is not about finding customers.

Public relations are trying to maintain a positive relationship with anyone interested in the brand or company. This way will only create a broader audience like customers, employees, shareholders and even media. In short, the audience of public relations is many more than marketers.

4. Business ROI

It’s common if people define marketing as a business investment, promotional activities and paid branding. Moreover, this usually comes up with new customers who are being the ROI. However, public relations is something different because it’s free exposure. It’s because to increase the credibility of the company’s image.

Public relations is somewhat more difficult to measure ROI especially for PR consulting than for marketing. Besides, it’s easier to direct sales than to demonstrate a change in perception.

5. Legitimacy Of Message

Society can easily recognize whether the advertising is to increase sales or not. Public relations deliver messages like through articles, reputable bloggers and conference speakers. This way is legitimate tactics to get customers. Plus, people will think about it as a more credible source.

Articles whether it’s in a website or blog with a well-known journalist’s name written there just interest the customers. Thus, public relations will likely look more elegant with credible information.

Apart from the differences between marketing and public relation, they still have one similarity. They want to interest and maintain the audience even in a different way and perspective.

When The Best Time Your Kids Learn Reading?

Most parents will be happy to see their kids smarter than before. As their age increases, kids’ cognitive function is growing as well. And eventually, they’ll be ready to learn many things for school preparation, such as reading. However, when the best time your kids learn reading? Does early learning make kids better prepared for school? You’ll find out the answer here.

Does Earlier Means Better For Learning?

Many researchers have proven the outstanding ability of kids to learn things. It starts right after birth when a baby could analyze and memorize anything in its circumstance. However, it doesn’t mean that you could teach reading to your kids earlier than it should.

According to the research of Dr. Sebastian Suggate from Germany, there’s a time for kids to learn reading. Before kids start learning to read, they must be fluent in talking. Regarding this, we can conclude that speaking ability shows the children’s capability to earn new vocabulary.

When The Best Time Your Kids To Learn Reading?

Based on the previous point, the best learning age for kids is about 6 until 7 years old. However, you can start to teach your kids to read when they reach 5 years old. Because at this age, most kids already have speaking fluency and perfect phonemic awareness.

If your kids already speak fluently but still have difficulty reading, be patient. Just teach them to read slowly but consistently. You can enroll them in a kindergarten or similar school to habituate them on the learning atmosphere.

Signs Your Kids Are Ready To Learn Reading

Besides speaking fluently, there are some other signs when the best time your kids learn reading, here is the list.

1. Can Make A Simple Statement

The first sign your kids are ready to read is when they could make a simple statement. We can see this from the way they behave or react to a situation. For example, your kids are seeing a cartoon and could tell you about the cartoon’s story. If your kids show this to you, it means they’re ready to accept your reading lesson.

2. Understand A Command

This sign is related to the phonemic awareness of kids. When their understanding of sounds and voices is broad already, it means you can start to teach them to read. Do not give them a hard reading for first, instead give them a book with easy vocabularies.

3. Have Basic Counting Ability

Besides making an opinion and understanding a command, your kids could start to learn reading when they have basic counting capability. If they could do some simple math operations, it means their logic has been improving. This is perfectly the best time for you to teach them some readings.

4. Able To Memorize Alphabets

The ability to memorize alphabets is absolutely the best sign for your kids to learn reading. If they know the alphabet and could memorize its shape, it’ll be easier for them to read. That’s why before you start to teach reading to the kids, make sure they already know and memorize the alphabet.

5. Interested In Books

Last but still important, if your kids like to bring some books, it could mean they will love reading as well. To sharpen their reading ability, you can sit with the kids and read the story together with them. In fact, kids who like to read have better logic, so they possibly could read faster than other kids could.

That’s all the information about when the best time for your kids to learn reading! As parents, you have to be more patient if your kids read slowly because they will eventually read better!

5 Easy Steps of How To Watch Content In HBO Go

HBO Go is one of the best mobile TV which can be used by HBO subscribers. So if you want to use HBO Go, you have to subscribe to the HBO first. This article will tell you how to subscribe and how to watch content in HBO Go.

1. Subscribe HBO

The first thing you must do is subscribing to HBO. It charges you monthly or yearly. The year price may be cheaper than the monthly.

If you are a fan of much serial in HBO, choosing a year subscription is the best choice. But if you want to try first before committing for a year, you can pay monthly.

2. Choose Your TV Provider

The second step is choosing a TV provider. Choose one that you think suitable for your needs. Then input account details to the field.

Don’t forget to enter the password then continue to the next step. Every TV provider may charge a different price to HBO subscription so, please be smart and choose the most match TV provider for your self.

3. Download HBO Go

HBO go, allows you to stream all tv and movies from HBO anywhere, anytime. So you don’t have to wait until come back home after work to watch your favorite movies.

Simply download it from Play Store for Android gadgets. Or Appstore if you use an iOS phone. This application is free, so you will not pay anything else besides the HBO subscription. Just open the play store or app store, then type HBO Go on the search bar.

Then, hit the install button. Wait until it installed in your gadget, and then open it. After having the app you have to do some set of registration steps.

4. Enter an HBO GO ID

The third thing you have to do is entering the HBO Go ID. You can download this app in your gadget, or TV.

After purchasing the HBO subscription you will get a unique name. This is your ID for your HBO Go profile. Enter this ID every time you want to access HBO on different devices.

You will be asked to enter an email and ZIP code too. After that choose Save. This is the last step of your registrations. The next thing you can do is watching lots of movies and series.

5. Access The HBO Go

When you open the apps, you will see a lot of movies and tv series. Choose one of your favorites then simply play it.

You also can turn on parental control if you want to share the gadget with kids. This app allows the user to set a password for parents setting.

All movies and TV series in HBO is exclusive and free from ads. You can enjoy the relaxing time by watching your favorite movies there.

Moreover, with HBO Go you will not be a loss if you have to travel for a long time and far from the TV at home after purchasing the HBO subscriptions. This app will make you feel going anywhere with your TV inside the pocket.

Those are 5 steps of how to watch content in HBO Go. It is so easy and will make your life much happier. Love your self, entertain with much high-quality movies and series.

Best Marketing Magazine That Every Manager Should Read

Ideas or insight could get from any sources. One of the trusted ways is from the magazine. Today seeking information has been changed. People tend to Googling than reading a book, newspaper, and even magazine. Thus, these printed media has been developed into digital. As the magazine has a different character than those both media, we are here want to tell you the best marketing magazine.

The obvious difference between those three media is magazine has more colourful pages. Indeed, now the newspaper tried to do the same thing. But, if you look for the information for strategies, market condition, or features, the magazine is the best option. As you work to the marketing things, we ensure that you need to gain insight as many as you can. Below is the best marketing magazine that should be your reference:

1. Harvard Business Review

People see this as a bible because it covers the board of issue. Actually, not only marketing and financial, but you can also find about technology, social, and another issue. By reading this magazine, you can get insight into marketing from various point of view, for example, leadership, women issue, politic, and many more. They want people to get a better understanding, so you can improve your professional career.

2. Forbes

You might find many interesting features from Forbes. Indeed, their articles tend to publish about the annual list. But, actually, Forbes is a kind of financial magazine. However, just like having HBR on your hand, you will get various understanding from Forbes. Because they capture many things from technology, leadership, entrepreneurship, and others.

3. Fast Company

Get a better future view from Fast Company magazine. Fast Company looks at the business world from innovation. Thus, you can find the creative thinking here. They seem like targeting the young people, not typically audience who looks for Forbes in every edition. If you are looking for the most update issue about trends, ideologies, and etc., then Fast Company should be on your list.

4. Ad Week

Just like the name, Ad Week is the best source for your insight into marketing and advertising. During the trend is changing, they emphasize their view into digital. More than that, if you are looking for information about agencies, creative study case, awards, and data, this might be the solution. If you subscribe to the iPad edition, you will get real-time news feed, also the gallery will be updated every week.

5. Advertising Age

We put this magazine on the fifth number doesn’t mean it is the least recommendation. We just want to save the best for the last because the Advertising Age has been more than 80 years of publishing marketing news. Anything you want to know about strategy and inspirations is available here. This is a must-read magazine for everyone who works in marketing world.

When you are looking for the best marketing magazine, don’t imagine you hold a printed paper. Now everything has changed and it gives some advantages for you. Today you can flexibly get the information from your phone or tablets. Subscribe one of them now, and enlarge your idea from insight around the world.

Musr-Know, How to Fix Corrupted File Windows 10

Windows has been developing its system from the first time it was released until today. They have developed new technology and system for people to use. However, one point from Window that is still occurring until today is corruption. When this occurs, the file system becomes slow and slowdowns the whole work. Even though it is disturbing, there are ways on how to fix corrupted file windows 10. 

Don’t panic when your file suddenly slows down and even comes not responding. If it all closes and suddenly you can’t open it, this is also normal. Don’t rush into restarting your computer or deleting the file because it is still possible to fix it. Learn these steps on how to fix corrupted file windows 10 on your computer.

1. SFC Tool

If suddenly your file becomes error and corrupted, try to open the SFC tool. This is a command-line tool, where it will help scan the whole computer. After scanning, it will help repair any corrupted files on the computer. The first thing you must do is open the command prompt and type SFC/scannow. After you have entered, the program will scan through the whole file. Through the scanning, if there is any corrupted file, it will replace the corrupted file with a copy. It is as simple as that but remember it will take some time. 

 2. System Restore

An easy way on how to fix corrupted file Windows 10 is by using system restore. This way, the Window will help restore data that you recently opened or worked on. First, open Start, type system restore and click to create a restore point where you will receive your file. Next, click system restore and enter to proceed. A dialogue box will occur, then you will just need to follow the instruction. After you follow them, your file will occur as before.

3. Kernel

An extensive tool that is specially for fixing file corruption is Kernel. This software can fix any kind of corruption file, either for Windows 8 until Windows 10. The software also comes with features that can help people review their files first before fixing it. In this software people can choose the type of scan they would like. There are quick scan, deep scan and file trace. Overall, the steps are also the same as other software. 

 4. DISM Tool

If the SFC tool can’t fix your corrupted file, then try using the DISM tool. The steps for this tool are almost the same as the SFC tool. To run it, open command prompts and enter DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth. Then automatically the process will start, and the repairing process will go on. The whole process will take around 10 minutes, so it is not too long. When it finishes, don’t forget to restart your computer to get your file. 

 5. Reset your Window

This maybe the last option if all the steps above aren’t the right solution. But before restarting your window, close all other apps and save it. When restarting your PC, choose to troubleshoot and then reset this PC. You will then have two options, keep my files or remove everything. Next, you will just need to follow the instruction on the screen to get your files back.

Hopefully, these steps on how to fix corrupted file Windows 10 can fix all your corrupted files. If it doesn’t succeed, then try to contact an expert in Windows. But, usually using these five steps people are able to get their files back. 

5 Successful Businesswomen From The Entire World

For a long time, men have dominated the business world. There is much company led by successful businessmen. But now women are trying to rise in that world. Do you think that women can be successful in the business world? Of course, they can. In these past years, women have proven that they could climb the stairs of success in the business world. You don’t believe it? Let’s see the successful businesswomen from the entire world. You can learn from them and the get motivated. And say even women can be powerful and successful in this world.

1. Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is one of the successful businesswomen from the entire world. At the age of 34, she already become the leader of Nasty Gal and Girlboss Media. And she also owns a net worth $ 280 million. Very impressive right? This achievement by no means full of struggle. Her company ever went bankrupt, but this was just a step back. After that, Sophia Amoruso builds a new challenge, Girlboss. With the women as a market, Girlboss contains empowering women on wellness, careers, beauty and many more. Sophia Amoruso is the real millennial inspiration.

2. Huda Kattan

This woman is the owner of Huda Beauty. Huda Kattan is her name. She is 35 years old and has $550 million as her income. In the beginning, she just an employee in a finance gig. After she quit the company, Huda Kattan became a freelance makeup artist. But then, she was struggling to find high-quality false eyelashes. And so, she made her eyelashes and the brand. Huda Kattan becomes popular since her product was used by Kim Kadarshian.

3. Tory Burch

At first, Tory Burch worked under some of the big fashion houses. After getting experience, then she opened her own label and spread out her wings. Tory Burch started her fashion brand in 2004. Soon after that launching, her brand became a huge success as her brand has a unique design.

Not only successful in her company, Tory Burch is also the founder of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. With those achievements in her fifty, she already has a net worth $800 million.

4. Vera Wang

Although Vera Wang has a late start, she has proven her successful. She decided to design a wedding dress at 40 years old and then build her own fashion label. Thanks to her experience worked in Vogue Magazine, Vera Wang had all the right contact. And thus her fashion label becomes a huge success. After that, she spread her wings and design many things such as jewelry, home and kitchen wear, and accessories. Because of that, now at the age of 69, she owns $ 630 million.

5. Martha Stewart

At first, Martha Stewart is a celebrity chef that published some of the cookbooks and wrote articles in some magazines. But in 1997, she decided to challenge her self and then build her media company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Although she has gone through TV and radio, Martha Stewart still focuses on her cooking success. Thanks to her effort now she has a fortune of $300 million at 77 years old.

With the existence of successful businesswomen from the entire world, you have understood that women have a chance to be the top. The stories of these women can be a motivation for you to aim to be the likes of them. And surely with the strong determination and hard work, someday you can meet eyes on eyes with them.

This is Some Photography Rules of Composition to Take Awesome Photos

Nowadays, many people want to be a photographer who can take awesome photos. But, not all of those people learn more about the rules of composition on photography. As a result, the photos they take look like a usual one, nothing special on it. On the other hand, they may also know the photography rules of composition but they don’t care about it. 

However, using the photography rules of composition will make your photos catching people’s attention. Not only the attention but also increase the price of your photos because of the aesthetical point. Here are some guidelines you can use to take the pictures, let’s check it out below!

1. Fill the Frame

The first rule on photography is to make sure your frame is full of objects. You should choose only one object and focus on it because too many objects will make your photos looks busy. The connoisseurs will be confused to understand the meaning of your photos. When you try to capture a photo in a crowded area, you can try to build an intimate on your objects. Try to reduce everything near you by blurring it or take a photo more close.

2. Don’t Cut Off Limbs

The next rule is you should not cut the parts of your object. It can make your photo looks weird and lose the detail which can attract the viewer. For example, when you take a photo of the antelope and you cut off its horn. As a result, you have lost the best parts of your object and it reduced the beauty. The meaning of your photo will also be reduced, even though you will get the amazing one.

3. Understand the Rule of Thirds

A new photographer should understand these basic rules. It is about an imaginary frame divided by 4 main lines, two vertical and two horizontal. A photo you take will look more perfect when you place the main object on the line. However, these rules will be working well on landscapes photo. When you take vertical photos, try to place your objects on one of the two vertical lines to catch a good view.

4. Know Your Focus

When you take a photo, the viewer will searching for the main objects and main focus. They can easily feel bored when they can’t see it in your photo. However, this rule will hone your capability of taking a photo. A good photographer will always know which main point they want to shoot and show. Above all, you should make sure another object in your photo doesn’t steal and disturb the limelight.

5. Watch the Background

The background of your photo is an important thing but it can also be the one who disturbs it. It is one of the main photography rules of composition where you should keep watching on it. The object behind your main object can steal the interesting part. Moreover, you can set your camera to blur the background when you think it’s not that important.

In conclusion, those 5 photography rules of composition are important to produce a good photo. If you still don’t understand it, practice it directly can give you a better understanding.

Must-Know, Why You Should Stop Using Adobe Acrobat 2015

 Adobe Acrobat is the first software that supports PDF or Portable Document Format. PDF itself is a document format that was released in 1993 by Adobe Systems. PDF is used to display digital documents with several features. Even though Adobe Acrobat is capable of editing PDF files, there some reasons why you should stop using Adobe Acrobat 2015.

There are more than 10 million people that have been using Adobe Acrobat. However, the user on this software has kept declining. People started to stop using this software as their PDF reader. So why do people stop using them? Here is some reason why you should stop using Adobe Acrobat 2015 as others have.

1. Commercial Software

Many people may not know, but Adobe Acrobat is commercial software. Commercial software is a software that requires a purchasing license. Even though now users have purchased or downloaded a version, users are required an annual commitment. Not a very good idea for average users. For business needs? Still not that necessary and not urgency

2. Unsupported

Why you should stop using Adobe Acrobat 2015, is because this software would no longer be supported by Adobe. Starting in April 2020, Adobe Acrobat would not have any more technical supports or security updates. It has been announced that this is caused by the Adobe Support Lifecycle Policy. It is generally available only for five years and 2020 would be the expired date support for Adobe Reader 2015

3. Huge Data

Do you know how much hard disk capacity a device needs to install and run Adobe Acrobat 2015? It requires a minimum of 1,9 GB; just for PDF software. This memory is just only for the software, doesn’t include the PDF files as well. The more images and text people use in PDF document, cause bigger memory size. This would cause the device to process slowly and causes ineffective work.

4. Cyber Hijack 

Adobe will not support Adobe Readers, it is a perfect reason why you should stop using Adobe Acrobat 2015. However, that is not the only one. The software would no longer have security updates that could increase the chances of cyber hijack. It could crack into the system through unfixed bugs and viruses. They would get the chance to steal all the data and documents from the user’s computer. The worst case that could happen it is contaminated with malware system. It could damage not the only the device but also the document in it 

5. Not the only option 

People think that Adobe Acrobat is the only software to process PDF documents. Whereas there are several other software that has the same value as Adobe Acrobat. Most are free, simple and the best part is lighter for our devices. Some software that users could try is Libre Office, PDF Creator, and PDF Lite. It is designed simpler, lighter but still useful. 

These are some reasons why you should stop using Adobe Acrobat 2015. Do not forget to switch off the software before the security system turns off if you are a user. Overall, the software has been very useful in the past, but as time pass technology will keep on developing. Try to search for other options if you need software for reading PDF. But in this era, almost anything is available. 

Unique and Creative Ideas for Class Design

Design is an activity and process to create something new, which usually has goals and constraints. Design is particularly different from art. The design has not only aesthetic in it, but also function, economic and also interaction in it. From kinder garden up to middle school, a student often meets the art class. As the entered high school, they would start meeting class design. Which for the college, the design is a major is specifically studied. Every instructor must have creative ideas for Class Design.

Class Designs are consisting of theories aspects as well such as ergonomic, branding, marketing, and history. Creative ideas for Class Design is necessary, to develop the student’s creativity besides theories. The more creative and wild the ideas are, the more impact and useful design students can design. These are some unique ideas that teachers could try in their Class

1. DIY

DIY or “Do It Yourself” is a basic activity that could be met since the first stage of school. However, since this is class design, DIY comes to a new level. Students are required to create something useful also impactful by using their own hands and objects near them. The challenge is to make it valuable for not only themself but also other people.

2. Recycle

Likely DIY, recycle lesson has been applied since the first class. In class design, recycling is not just using plastic trash and cans to become a pencil case. Here, students should be able to recycle, process and design. For instance, recycling old furniture that is ecofriendly and does not harm the environment. Or turning a former trunk into a fashionable playground. Sounds neat huh?

3. Redesign

Another creative idea for class design, is redesign. Creating or developing something that already exists. To make it more unique, try on giving students their friend’s product to redesign. Indirectly, it could stimulate a creative competition in class. Also, students would learn how not to duplicate or cheat in designs.

4. Meet Real Customer

Try to take the students outside class. Not as a field trip, but bringing the students to meet real customers. Here students would meet many kinds of customers they have to face by themselves. They would have to satisfy the customer with their design in the most creative way. One of the processes of making the impossible things to become real.

5. Designs meet Technology

The last creative ideas for class design are by introducing design with technology. Technology knowledge is so wide that students could choose and develop. Making a little competition in class with a charming price would heat the student’s creativity. As an example for the class, designing a transparent flashlight to daily use. Or make the students design something using a certain software. This can also test their ability in software and technology at once.

The unique and creative ideas for class design must be delivered also uniquely and creatively. So the students would be able to receive and deliver the lesson as well. Do not forget to always give them examples to boost their creativity.

Shocking News 2019: The Most Unexpected Celebrity Couples Break Up

Celebrities’ love story has become interesting news for everyone. Especially when they get split or the hardest word says “breakup“, after being together for a long time. Because their relationship is just like the dreaming of a couple of goal. Thus, there is no wonder if their gossip always takes public eyes. Here we will tell you the most unexpected celebrity couples break up in 2019.

Breaking up doesn’t see whether you just build the relationship, or it already became a mature one. Indeed, we must be feeling sorry about it. But, however, these celebrities are also a human being. They have consideration to end up their love. It is not as easy as you might see. Find several stories of unexpected celebrity couples break up in 2019 below:

1.      Jim and Meghan King Edmonds

A wedding anniversary is not always a sweet moment. For some people, it is a time when you will fall in love deeper. But it doesn’t apply for King Edmonds couple. Jim and Meghan files for divorce on 25 October 2019, just one day after their five-year anniversary. During their marriage, they have one daughter and a couple of twin of boys. They gave up for the marriage after being together for five years. Some media published that they argued more intensive lately. Last fighting Meghan called the police, but a source said there was no charge.

2. Jim Carrey and Ginger Gonzaga

Who doesn’t know the silly Bruce Almighty? Yes, he is Jim Carrey who just split from his couple, Ginger Gonzaga. They started their relationship in January. But this year seems so hard for them, so they broke up after struggling. Both of them were playing together on the Showtime show. However, Jim Carrey admitted that his past couple was a talented, amazing, and incredible person.

3. Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arrend

Living together for a long time doesn’t guarantee you to be everlasting. This what happened with Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arrend. They have fallen in love for twelve years, then announced their split through Instagram. Actually, they have been married for ten years after two years spent time together. This couple knew each other through Vincent Kartheiser and held a wedding in New York in 2009.

4. Sarah and Todd Palin

Sarah and Todd Palin have a longer marriage than Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arrend. But, still, this doesn’t make them together until death does them part. 31 years of marriage was a long years they stood for. On Sept 6, 2019, Todd filled his divorce with Sarah. During their marriage, they have five children, they are Bristol, Trig, Track, Willow, and Piper.

5. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes again shocked people through her relationship news. Well, in fact, it was not a gossip, but the truth. The news said that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx ended their relationship in May. The two have been together since 2013. Moreover, they ever announced their ultra-private relationship. However, they are now having no commitment at all.

The news of unexpected celebrity couples break up is always shocking. We have imagined that their love story would be like a fairy tale. Thus, people follow their love story update. Above all, love is about a commitment that two parties hold together.